Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Vacation In A Bar...and Much More!

The latest creations from the CoffeeHouse Suds studio.
First off, we all want to take a vacation in the Summer...but with work and life...it doesn't always pan out. Here's a little piece of heaven, Hawaiian d'Light, that can be delivered right to your doorstep! LOL  With a special blend of pineapple, orchids, tuberose, awapuhi, and vanilla...Hawaiian d'Light will quickly become one of your favorite escapes.
Bath Cookies! After a long day at work or play, you need to unwind. Drop a cookie right into your hot running water and dive in. With a combination of skin softening butters (mango butter, cocoa butter), Epsom salt, powdered milk, and sugar...your skin will thank you.

Now that we're talking about unwinding...you'll need to try out the Coffee Bean Massage Bars! These are made with fresh, roasted coffee beans that were roasted by yours truly. You'll love the feel of this lotion bar as it glides over your skin. Great to use yourself...better on someone you love!
For those with problem skin, HELLO...ME!!, I've made up a batch of Pine Tar soap. Pine tar is known to help those that suffer from psoriasis and eczema. I've dealt with eczema, sometimes severe, for the past 12 years. This soap will help sooth and heal. And just telling you my experiences since using this soap...my acne has all but gone. Just sayin'.

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