Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hello April...Tuesday Morning Soap Porn!

No April fooling for me today! This morning I'll be getting up and out way before the usual time. My middle schooler is going on a field trip to NOLA (New Orleans if you don't know) today and has to board the bus at 6 am!!  Being anywhere that early is definitely NO JOKE ;-)
For all of you that are able to sit in bed and drink your coffee...here's a few of the soaps that I've made lately.

Above you'll see Paper Street DeLight. This is a soap that I've been making for quite some time. It really is a man's soap. I had bought some new micas and decided to change things up with this one. There are soaps that I make that are essentially the same each batch (same colors, same textures)...but Paper St. is one of those soaps that I like to play with! I used the 24K mica on top and absolutely love the way it came out. 

I don't know why I don't keep my Buttermilk Rough & Naked in stock all the time. I have a number of people that request it...and it's one of the easiest and quickest batches of soap to throw together.

Here's my Wicked Patchouli. It's a soap that I normally reserve to making during the Fall/Winter months...which is why it was formerly called Witchy Patchouli (Halloween themed). It's another soap that has gained a following and I'll be making it year-round as well. I use a mixture of patchouli essential oil and fragrance oil that, in the end, is truly intoxicating! If you're a patchouli fan...you'll be heaven.

You can find all of these soaps, and more, at my website www.CoffeeHouseSuds.com.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Full Bloom...Welcome Spring!

After a particularly harsh Winter, one where the city of Mobile, AL (and all surrounding areas) literally closed down for at least 2 days because of freezing temps and ice...I am ready to hit Spring head on.
This weekend, when I look around, I see signs of awakening. My two mini azaleas are in full bloom! Trees are starting to bud with new leaves. Even my crepe myrtles, which are always last to wake, are covered in tiny red leaves. Can't wait for them to bloom.
Today I'll be venturing out to spread fertilizer, do some much needed pruning, and breathing some fresh air while enjoying the bright sun on my face.

Today will be a good day ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March into 2014

I realized it's been a while since my last blog post. Once the hectic craziness of the Holidays ends each year there's a lull. This lull lasts for the first two months every year...which is crazy to me. It goes from insane busy to nothing, just like that. This year I welcomed it because I was just a tad busy. Not only was I making soap and bath goodies for CoffeeHouse Suds but I was working 3 jobs. On top of those jobs I was working additional hours staffing at my Dillards store during December for Fossil. Needless to say, by 6pm on Christmas Eve, I was DONE!
(Winter Wonderland handmade soap)
(Fragrance notes: cool, crisp peppermint, winter berries, and pine)
Fast forward to now and for the past few weeks I've been restocking my bare-to-the-bones shelves in the studio. There's a lot of the same: Tomato Facial Bar, PepperMINT, Honey & Oats, Almond Shampoo & Body Bar. And there's also a couple new ones: Winter Wonderland (pictured above), Mimosa, and Melon Spritzer (below).
(Fragrance notes: cantaloupe, watermelon, cherry, grapefruit, and apple.)
(All Natural Laundry Soap)
Above you'll see that I've revamped packaging for my laundry soap. Now, if you purchase the laundry soap in town (Windmill Market, Fairhope AL) or at a festival (I'll have another blog post with dates listed), it will come packaged in a reusable mason jar. I love canning...so this is perfect!
(Brown Sugar Scrub in Chocolate Sin)
Another product you'll see locally is our new sugar scrub. Like it's name...it's sinful! More on this new product in the next blog post!
I hope you've enjoyed the little bit of soap porn I threw your way.